Our Story

Residential solar energy used to seem like an environmentally friendly luxury, suitable only for homeowners in very sunny areas with extra cash. But as the technology of solar panels has improved and costs have gone down, installing rooftop solar panels has become as common as installing granite countertops or hardwood floors – but with enormous benefits.

With that said, the price of a solar system can vary drastically, which can make it difficult for consumers to know how much they should be paying to go solar. SolarStory helps solve that.

We make switching to solar energy easy by helping you find the best solar system – and installer – for your needs. Using data from industry leaders Berkeley Lab, the National Renewable Energy Lab and the U.S. Energy Information Administration, we have analyzed the cost effectiveness of the solar energy systems available and researched the installers with the experience and expertise required to do the job.

Simply search for your metro area to see the most common types of solar systems and the top installers, as well as the average cost of solar panels in your region and the average annual savings.